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Children's Fiction

Did you know that Nina's aunt's shed is a travel machine?
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About Me

I was born in London, where I studied English Literature and Creative Writing. I write articles, essays, plays and screenplays as well as fiction for adults and children. I currently live in Berlin. You can read about some of the stuff I get up to in the city at my blog An English Man in Berlin.

Things I like

Blueberries, the ocean, rain, the colour purple, second hand book shops, Doris Lessing, cheese on toast, chandeliers, the smell of jasmine, dark chocolate, Roald Dahl, blue sapphires, masks, magical objects, daydreaming, cats, J.M. Coetzee, Toni Morrison, swimming in lakes, lying on the couch, lying on the couch eating blueberries and reading Roald Dahl...

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